Books to Read About the South Florida Lifestyle

There are many informative and outstanding books about the south Florida area.  As a real estate professional these books help me to understand the foundation of homes and architecture.

These books can help you as a seller or buyer, not only understand the architectures, but also the culture, climate, history and lifestyle of southeast Florida.

Here are books that I recommend you read if you want to learn more about Palm Beach County, Miami/Dade and Fort Lauderdale homes and architecture.


What Books I am Reading Now

Palm Beach Chic

Read this book to totally absorb the senses of Palm Beach lifestyle, culture, climate and history.

The picture is of Terry Allen Kramer’s home La Follia’s indoor/outdoor loggia, designed by Pauline Pitt.  The house was built on the grand scale of an Addison Mizner mansion.

Mizner was the architect who established the Palm Beach Mediterranean Revival style mansions built in the early 1920s, giving Palm Beach its unique look and feel.

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