7 Homes with Awesome Curb Appeal

A home’s curb appeal can make or break a potential buyers positive vibe about a house. The following seven homes have mastered the art of curb appeal and a welcoming entrance. These homes are located in various cities within Palm Beach County.


  • A front door should be sparkling and clean, consider painting it to give it a fresh look. Updating the hardware can make a front door look newer.
  • Enhance the presentation of the front porch by adding chairs and/or flowering plants.
  • The front windows should be washed inside and out and that includes the screens, bushes or flowers should not cover any part of a window, but be below the window.
  • Power-wash the driveway and walkway make sure all stains and dirt are removed. Fill in any cracks.
  • The garage door should be clear of cobwebs and dust and consider painting it to look fresh. Update the lights beside the garage to add a new look.
  • Potential buyers may drive by at night, add up-lights in plantings or by a tree, and/or add lights beside the walkway – these lights can give added warmth and increase the appeal of the house.


seabreeze600350Courtesy of Sotheby’s International


atlanticLant409-857500Courtesy of the Fite Group


carmelawayDEL7317 Courtesy of Championship Realty


SONY DSCCourtesy of Premiere Realty LLC 


mcclearyDEl919Courtesy of Live South Florida Realty Inc

tropicaldriveOR19Courtesy of Premier Estates Properties


nw62stBoca2456Courtesy of REMAX Services


Never underestimate first impressions when preparing your curb appeal. When you need help with curb appeal you should talk with your agent or seek a professional consultation with Palm Beaches Home Staging to ensure your home is looking awesome!




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